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Summertime will soon be upon us and change is in the air! Summer is a time many folks plan vacations destined to far off lands. Often the goals of these trips are to experience a sense of freedom and peace, to connect with family and friends or to encounter the vast unknown of other cultures and lands.

A meditation practice that is included in our vacations helps us to be clearer and more centered in our lives whether near or far from home. Lately I have been incorporating "mindfulness meditation" into my days in addition to my "sitting" practice in the morning. Awareness of the present moment is key to a mindfulness practice. Vacations can help us to access that moment by moment perspective because everything is new and different and we tend to more present in life. When we are alert and aware of our breath, the sounds around us, and the activity in our minds, in addition to our emotions and our environment, we learn that who we really are, is really none of that but a much greater essence, like the space between the stars.

Through the practice of meditation, we discover who we are without our jobs, roles and identities. Perhaps the freedom, peace and connection we seek in vacationing is actually available to us all along as an inner journey into the dimensions of our unseen selves. When we quiet the mind and open the heart to the ever present moment, we can tap into a bliss that goes beyond the most glorious sunset. We connect with ourselves, our souls and life with all the blessings and pain that come as a result of living.

How exciting it is to leave the daily routine of work, school and duties of life to venture off into new and different places! Vacationing is a way to free the spirit and tap into a more spontaneous and intuitively guided life. Our intuition is heightened when we have more space, time and energy to listen deeply to the guidance that is there within our souls. Our higher self eagerly awaits our invitation to connect.

As you travel this summer, keep in mind the motivation for going. Are you running away from some aspect of your life? Or are you moving toward a more whole and intuitive way of being? Vacations can renew a sense of childlike innocence and adventure and delight.